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This is a resources page for the article I wrote for Forbes called Level 6 Time Management: Managing Change And Trends.


This is an image of the PDF you can download of the Week At A Glance planner tool

This is an image of the PDF you can download of the Week At A Glance planner tool

Week At A Glance planning tool. This chart I have developed is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used. We have used it for years at to help people plan their week, which Covey recommends to be both effective and efficient.

Date Range: do a new chart for each week.

Weekly Tasks: This is a place to capture (list) the main things you want to do that week.

Week At A Glance Calendar: This is where you arrange the events of your week to accomplish the tasks.

Top 6 Weekly Tasks: This is where you grab the top 6 in order of priority from your Weekly Tasks list above. Then you arrange your Top 6 Weekly tasks by day in bold or all CAPS so they are obvious. Then flow in the rest of your Weekly Tasks above by day.

Priorities: This is where you remind yourself of what or who is most important that week.

Notes: This is a place for key notes related to your week.

Key Recurring Actions: Notice there are five columns, one for each day of your work week. The top row is just to mark that you planned and marked each day below.

Here is where you list your Top 7 Key Recurring Actions which MUST occur daily or 1-3 times a week.

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