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The very first business I started years ago was while I was working for a company called Knowledge Unlimited that I eventually bought from the owner. This was back in the early ’90’s when the laptop computer was just becoming popular and everybody who was anybody was jumping on board, starting with the executives.

We were convinced that we should start selling Toshiba Laptop computers.

We took two weeks coming up with a name… Portable Systems.

We took three weeks designing the business cards.

We never sold a thing!

I told this story to Dave Elkington when we started and we committed to not even print business cards until we sold our first million dollars, and we didn’t.

I just had lunch with two executives that I told this story to and one of them, Don Coplin, told me a story about a man in Las Vegas who had learned CPR and was in a diner when another man went into cardiac arrest.

He immediately went through all the things he had learned: put up the mans feet, situate his head properly, loosen his tie, undo his collar button…

When a man pushed him aside with a forearm and started pounding on the poor man’s chest and said, “Don’t let him die while you get started!”

A big lessen there.

Go sell something! Don’t just talk about it, don’t just think about… do it.

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6 thoughts on “Ken’s Rules: The Business Card Rule

  1. These stories remind me of what I hear at my kids sporting events when I hear parents and coaches yelling, “Go hit someone!” Just get out there and do it!

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  6. When in doubt…start anywhere and do anything but nothing.

    If the guy in the diner tells you to stop beating on his chest cause he just bit his tongue really badly…then and only then once you realized you were wrong at first…you can stop beating on his chest and get him some ice for his tongue while you leave the diner quietly.

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