25 Things I Learned From My Mom

My dear mother, Sheila Krogue, passed away two days ago. I’ve been reflecting on her and celebrating the incredible impact she has had on my life.

Here is a list of these she taught me through her example and her lessons:

My mom, Sheila Krogue, taught me many things that shaped who I am. She passed away two days ago and I miss her!

My mom, Sheila Krogue, taught me many things that shaped who I am. She passed away two days ago and I miss her!

  1. Say hi to everyone.
  2. Take an interest in those you meet.
  3. Smile, your face after 40 is your own fault.
  4. Don’t sleep in.
  5. Work hard, do a little extra.
  6. Never lie.
  7. Pay attention to other people’s kids.
  8. Have Popsicles in the fridge.
  9. Always have M&Ms in a jar.
  10. Help your kids amount to something by applying for every opportunity.
  11. Family matters, so don’t miss Sunday dinner.
  12. Celebrate your favorite people’s birthday by making them a favorite dinner and dessert.
  13. Remember people’s name and use it correctly.
  14. Wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.
  15. Traditions keep a family culture alive, never miss.
  16. Cold hands mean a warm heart.
  17. A Diet Coke can get you through the day.
  18. Always have a joke to tell.
  19. Laugh as you tell it.
  20. Remember the stories about your family and share them.
  21. Brag about people in front of them where it will do some good.
  22. Keep in touch with friends and family, if you think of them call them.
  23. Observe etiquette and table manners, they reveal your upbringing.
  24. Spell things the right way, it’s a dying art.
  25. Learn to read well, you can visit anywhere you want to go in a good book.

Thanks Ma Sheila!


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10 thoughts on “25 Things I Learned From My Mom

  1. Ken –

    This is classic stuff. She sounds like a great lady. These are 25 nuggets of wisdom.

    My hands are always cold…so I especially appreciated that one.


  2. Your mother was a wise woman, Ken. A Diet Coke certainly will get you through a rough day. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wonderful lessons from a wonderful woman. Getting outside of ourselves is a key to happiness. I hope I’m not too old to learn to be more like your mom!

  4. Your Mom was a Saint. As I read through the list of the 25 things you learned from Sheila, I see how she actually practiced and lived by those principles. The world was a better place because of Sheila. She will be sorely missed.

  5. Sorry about your mom – she had a beautiful smile- long time follower I am if yours- smiled deep