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  1. What is Inside Sales? Our Definition of Inside Sales | Ken Krogue – 90,920 Views
  2. Inside Sales Best Practices – 42,361 Views
  3. 31 Linkedin tips – How-to-use-Linkedin-Best-Practices for B2B Prospecting – 19,284 Views
  4. Inside Sales Tips by Ken Krogue – 14,997 Views
  5. Good to Great by Jim Collins – Ken’s Notes Summary – 9,758 Views
  6. About Ken Krogue – 7,439 Views
  7. Inside Sales is Top Method of Lead Generation – 6,439 Views
  8. My Final Comment on my “Death of SEO” column on Forbes – 6,411 Views
  9. Prediction – SEO will be Dead in 2 Years – 5,740 Views
  10. Inside Sales Training – 5,237 Views
  11. Inside Sales Best Practices: 7 Ways to Increase Contact Ratios – 5,202 Views
  12. Ken’s Forbes Articles – 4,960 Views
  13. Is Leaving a Voicemail Worthwhile? – 3,862 Views
  14. Inside Sales Best Practices: Gathering Direct Dial Phone Numbers – 3,624 Views
  15. KPI – Key Performance Indicators – 3,713 Views
  16. Inside Sales versus Outside Sales – 3.505 Views
  17. Harvard Business Review says Sales is No Longer About Relationships – 3,048 Views
  18. Behind the Cloud – Ken’s Notes – 2,745 Views
  19. Climb the Trust Ladder to Increase Results in Prospecting – W/ VIDEO! – 2,744 Views
  20. Inside Sales Tips – Skip to the Beep – 2,678 Views
  21. Lead Generation Strategies: When to Call, When Not to Call? – 2,232 Views
  22. Inside Sales Tips – No Vacations Last Week of the Month – 2,000 Views
  23. Inside Sales Tips – Specialize – 1,842 Views
  24. Ken Krogue’s Forbes Top 25 Most Popular Articles – 1,788 Views
  25. Ken Krogue – About Chauncey Riddle (My Mentor) – 1,396 Views
  26. Inside Sales Tips – Interest is The Counterfeit of Need – 1,375 Views
  27. 6 Reasons Salesforce Users Need Hosted Dialer Technology - 1,276 Views
  28. What is Lead Response Management – 1,204 Views
  29. Ken’s Rules: The Business Card Rule – 1,252 Views
  30. Inside Sales tips: Should Sales Reps be Held to Schedules? – 1,223 Views

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  8. Ken,

    Don’t you hope spammers get a creeping cancer and shuffle off this mortal coil very, very slowly?

    I certainly do – sending you all the best! Have a great weekend.


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  23. Hi Ken,
    I just discovered your article on “What is Inside Sales”. I have been an ISR at HP in Germany for the last 5 years. The company decided last year to consolidate all EMEA countries into 3 big hubs. Germany will then be serviced out of Prague and we are being replaced by graduate students. So as I turn over my job and coach the young ones, I was looking for material I could use in my trainings. Your article will be the first piece of information I use in my course. Unfortunately, I believe HP is turning our Inside sales jobs into telesales and the Hub will actually become a call center. “Campaigns” are the new buzz words and the Prague colleagues are being bamblasted into having call out days every month and creating opportunities. In your opinion, would you consider this a typical ISR task or does it sound more like telemarketing to you? Thanks so much

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