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We just put out a press release about a ResponseAudit we did on the 57 vendors of LeadsCon East 2010.

As usual we started about a month ago submitting fictitious leads on their websites with real phone numbers and email addresses to see how fast they would respond to leads on their own site.

63.2% never responded.

The fastest was Speak2Leads at 4 minutes 23 seconds, they also made 9 different attempts before they gave up. They are actually in the business of responding their leads quickly. I met Sammy Jones, their CEO, and he was pretty pleased with his system and their staff.

The average vendor who did respond sent 2 emails and made 2 phone calls (better than previous audits.)

The average response time was 56 hours, 5 minutes, and 26 seconds (the worst of previous audits.)

Previous audits:

Omniture Summit 2007 – 54 hours 5 minutes
Dreamforce 2008 – 44 hours 31 minutes
Dreamforce 2009 – 41 hours 7 minutes

Here are the top five companies who responded:

Rank LeadsCon East 2010 Exhibitors Time (hh: mm:ss)
1st Speak2Leads 0:4:23
2nd TellUs Leads 0:15:33
3rd BMI Elite 1:51:20
4th TARGUSinfo 24:50:56
5th SnagAJob 26:53:43

I know it is a really small audit with only 57 websites audited (Dreamforce 2009 had 2875 audits performed), but it was disappointing that the very industry that generates the leads is the slowest so far to respond to them.

The good new is that there is lots of room for improvement.

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    11 thoughts on “LeadsCon East Vendors Need to Drink Their Own Medicine

    1. Hi Ken —

      Really interesting post and just truly underscores how vital following up on leads is and how surprising (or not!) that companies in the lead gen space don’t practice what they preach.

      I just posted on our blog on a similar topic – not data driven, but more about how silly it is for companies to ignore this most basic practice:

      Keep up the good work,

    2. I totally hear you. Especially since the web leads are specifically ‘raising their hand’ to say: contact me. Why spent so much time on cold-calling when you can maximize the warmest of leads?

    3. It’s funny, isn’t it Jeff?

      I can understand people not truly understanding the need and value of responding to incoming Web leads quickly (like within 5 minutes) to maximize value–we didn’t understand it ourselves until just a couple of years ago when we did our research with MIT. Even we were blown away by the fact that fast Web lead response enhances contact and qualifying rates by 20x or more.

      But for 62% of the vendors to NOT EVEN RESPOND AT ALL?

      In what universe is that an appropriate response? Do they just assume that all Web leads are “tire kickers”? Do they not realize that they’re wasting marketing budgets / pay-per-click / SEO work? Why have a Web presence designed to gather leads if you’re not going to actually contact them?

      Sorry about getting so fired up, but it really does boggle the mind.

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