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I had lunch the other day with Adam Torkildson, arguably the top SEO consultant in Utah and one of the best in the country (we have tested his results extensively.)

He said something to me that blew me away.

My Friend Adam Torkildson Predicts the Death of SEO

My Friend Adam Torkildson Predicts the Death of SEO

“Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, SEO will be dead in 2 years.”

His explanation made a lot of sense. I will translate what he said with a little background because he talked pretty technical.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 15% of SEO is internal which means to arrange your website so it has the best chance of being ranked high on Google. The other 85% of the SEO industry is to write articles, press releases, blogs, comments, and a slew of other content with built-in “backlinks” to your website and put them all over the web (like I just did for Adam in the first line of this blog… Thanks Adam.)

By definition SEO “games” the system with Google to get your content artificially ranked higher than it should be. Sure there is “white hat” SEO practices and “black hat” SEO practices. Black Hat is very obvious gaming of the system, and White Hat is just more subtle. The bottom line is that all SEO is counterfeit. If you need to write content and place it all over the web, it wouldn’t have been there on it’s own, so it’s fake. (But that is the SEO industry.)

Google wants well written content that benefits those who search, not content placed specifically all over the web with links to your website. Admit it, you just want to sell something, we all do.

So what is the right way? GREAT CONTENT THAT HAS SO MUCH VALUE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT. Truly organic “comments”, “likes”, “shares”, Google+, “tweets”, etc., that come from people who benefit and pass it on. (I realized in writing this I haven’t even had social buttons on my blog to make that easy to do, though I have still had lots of friendly readers who have passed it on, thanks everyone!)

The overly aggressive marketers always spoil it for everyone. Mmmm, let’s see… false advertisers, telemarketing at dinner time, unsolicited faxing, email spamming, now SEO.

It was Seth Godin that said “all marketers are liars,” I’m a marketer, so I can say this.  I think it means that if you have to advertise a lot to change perceptions, it’s probably being “spun.” Think media and the current presidential race.

All Marketers are Liars - Seth Godin

All Marketers are Liars – Seth Godin

Adam told me that it is hardly about the links anymore, it’s about the metrics of engagement on your site.

It’s about social “shares”, and you can’t fake that. Now with recent policy changes, Google knows who everyone is once they open themselves up on the social realm. They will be able to tell the fake people. Facebook already knows. Adam did a test by creating 1000 fake account a year ago, but today they have all been banned.

I asked him how they figured it out, he said “I’m pretty smart, but I have no idea. That’s why they hire PhD’s! That’s why Google bought Twitter’s data. They failed to get Facebook data, but they rely on Facebook’s internal API. Now social signals are a much bigger part of the Google algorithm.” He continued, “I’ve already seen them using it, I know.”

So what do we do?

Adam grinned with resignation, “It’s the Hubspot strategy of great blog content with a massive opt-in audience. It’s the approach with strong industry research. And it’s old-school PR. PR has made a full-on 180 degree swing. I started in PR as a major. Now it is the ultimate. Because it is about who you actually, really, know. It’s the buzz you create. And how much value you provide your community of followers in return.”

I summarized:

“So great content is king, and communities of avid followers make the king? And my friend Cheryl, of SnappConner PR will rule the world?”

“Yes, basically.” Adam went on, “Dell does a really good job. They have 1M followers on just one account in Twitter. Their team answers all direct messages from their community, and stays on top of their brand and reputation.”

I asked, “So how has this affected you?”

“We hardly do any of the any of the old SEO stuff. It still brings results, but not like it used to. Google is pulling the rug out to provide better search for their audience. They are routing out the counterfeiters. Now it must be real, valuable, content, and lot’s of community value and interaction.”

Stay tuned for 2 more of Adam’s predictions:

#2 Localization is Changing Search Marketing forever

#3 Mobile Apps are the New Search

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72 thoughts on “Prediction #1: SEO Will be Dead in 2 Years

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  2. word-of-mouth always has and always will be the ultimate form of marketing.

    my blog used to have 40% of all of its visitors come from search engines, and now it is down to less than 5%. yet i’ve added more content and haven’t changed my SEO in anyway.

    it sure seems like SEO just died, and now i’m having to focus more on the rapid content creation to keep my subscribers happier >.<

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  4. Thanks Ken,

    Nobody seems to agree with me…

    I’ve been living off SEO for over a decade, nothing but a roller coaster.

    I must admit I now live in Thailand because of SEO, however it’s so frivolous and unpredictable that I’m getting out of it.

    My new business?

    Food processing, pickles, jams, mustard’s ect… going good in Thailand and expanding to SE Asia to cater to Expats and hopefully China within the next 5 years.

    Sales are just starting slowly. But rock solid stable, customers won’t just stop eating, regardless of anything internet related ;)

    For the first time in years I can start to see the light and relax about the future, it’s very liberating to be independent of the internet.

    Just my 5 cents.

    I still do SEO on the side for my projects, but more as a hobby and a bad gambling addiction, dealing with Google in 2012 is like playing the lottery, might win, might loose, not worth another decade of effort of my life.

    I’ll post the link over here when the website is up, leading product are Kosher Style New York Deli fermented dills, selling like hot cakes! ;)


  5. Hot, The Core content concept I espouse is my best recommendation to offer real great content… fast.


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  9. Very interesting articles on SEO.

    When will you post the article and link to your prediction of #3 Mobile Apps are the New Search?

  10. I am here on point 2: promoting myself.

    Serious note: SEO will never be dead because there’s always a translation gap between machines, Google, and what users really want.

  11. Great article. Have you seen Seth Godin’s TED talks? Well worth the 15 minutes.

  12. The more complicated it gets, the more my seo sales go up. Everyone is scared to death of Google. And everytime they change something and screw all the do it yourselfers up, the more my phone rings. Will it get rid of a lot of the posers? Yes! And that’s better for me.

    The reality is, business owners have a business to run, not a Facebook page to manage or a twitter they can tweet on every day. Saying that on page optimization is only 15% of optimization is really belittling the necessity of a well coded, content rich site. You can post in Facebook until your blue in the face, if your H1 isn’t coded correctly or being indexed, what good does all the +1s and likes do for you? Explain how everyone with a website is going to magically learn about title, H1, meta and alt tags? 99% of people with a site don’t even know what it means to be indexed. The majority of them will try social media for 2 weeks and when their site doesn’t move because google only indexs once a month, they’ll quit and call the last solicitor they saw. The reality is, if a business owner had time research and actually do what is necessary for optimization, they probably aren’t the most efficiently ran company, therefor not making them the most relevant result to give the end user performing the search. On the other hand, a company willing to fork out the money to have true optimization performed, is probably not the cheapest, but can probably get me what I want the fastest. And we all know America is built on instant gratification.

    Even this article helps. Were both winners. You get the social signal from my post. I feel like I owe it to you since a potential customer earlier this week forwarded it to me asking my thoughts. He stated he had no idea what everyone was talking about and is now a customer if mine. A better article might be to help your readers as opposed to confuse or scare them.

    How about this, How to Pick the Right Company for Optimization. It of coarse would list pros and cons of each company. I would hope you would only have a list of companies that Premier Partners. Of those, only having the ones that do optimization, for how long and what their results have been this far. Just food for though.

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  14. Thanks for finally writing about > Prediction #1:
    SEO Will be Dead in 2 Years | Ken Krogue < Liked it!

  15. I believe everything said made a ton of sense. However, what about this?

    what if you added a little information? I am not suggesting your content isn’t solid., however suppose you added something that makes people want more?
    I mean Prediction #1: SEO Will be Dead in 2 Years | Ken Krogue is kinda vanilla.
    You might look at Yahoo’s front page and see how they create post titles to grab people to click.

    You might add a video or a related pic or two to grab people interested about what you’ve got
    to say. In my opinion, it might make your posts a little livelier.

  16. great points altogether, you simply won a brand new reader.
    What could you suggest in regards to your publish that you made some days in the past?
    Any positive?

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