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Ken Krogue in the Sales Room - by Cory Maloy

Ken Krogue in the Sales Room – by Cory Maloy

Ken Krogue is the co-founder of, which was the first company to combine hosted CRM with built-in phone dialer software and the pioneer of Lead Response Management (LRM) and Sales Acceleration technology.

This blog is Ken’s outlet to post ideas, cool companies that serve the Inside Sales industry, best practices, new research, tips, random musings, motivational poetry and interesting thoughts. Ken has several other blogs, one is a 20 year project of Ken’s about philosophy and learning to think based on the collection of writings of Ken’s mentor called

Ken recently began writing the story of from his perspective and the incredible ride it’s been over the last 10 years.

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Ken speaks at 20+ events each year including The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), LeadsCon, Utah Big Business Expo, Utah Valley Entrepreneurs Forum (UVEF), B2B Leads Roundtable, Seminars at Dreamforce, Sales 2.0, Provo Tech-X, Omniture Summit, and the Salt Lake Chamber Business to Business Expo.

Ken married his favorite redhead, Crystal Cornwall, from Inkom, Idaho. They met as they served as missionaries for their church in South Carolina in 1986, and married in 1987. They have five children and live in Alpine, Utah. Ken loves to read lots of books, drive one of his several compressed natural gas (CNG) cars, talk about losing weight, work with the Boy Scouts of America, coach little league football, watch BYU (Jimmer) and Navy sports, and keep in touch with friends.

Ken Krogue was recently recognized as #2 of the Top 30 Social Sales Influencers globally by

Ken Krogue was recently recognized as #2 of the Top 30 Social Sales Influencers globally by behind Koka Sexton of LinkedIn

Ken is a strategic thinker, sales and marketing tactician and is recognized for combining permission marketing strategies with remote selling tactics. Ken is the inventor of technological systems to increase productivity in web-based sales and marketing environment with several patents pending and is currently breaking new ground with work on lead response management research in conjunction with his good friend and business partner Dave Elkington and Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT.

Ken has been recently recognized as #2 in the world for social selling and is one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Inside Sales Industry by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP.) Ken was also President and the AA-ISP Salt Lake City Chapter.

Ken having just finished the St. George Marathon in 2006

Ken having just finished the St. George Marathon

Most recently an article by Inc. Magazine highlights the research done by the team called “How to Best Harness Inbound Marketing Leads.”

Additional research done by the team at and Harvard Business Review was done in March 2011. The research is summarized in an article called, “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads

My collection of favorite quotes on character


Lead response management, marketing strategy, 2-3 year visionary, strategic thinker that can execute tactically, inside sales deployment and consulting, lead generation, lead nurturing, web-based demand generation.

Ken loves motivational poems and sayings and writes his own poetry.

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A Complete Summary of Ken Krogue’s Forbes Articles, Including his newly updated “Definition of Inside Sales” and his #1 on all of Forbes (and his most controversial) article “The Death of SEO

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Summary of Ken Krogue’s Forbes articles

47 thoughts on “About Ken Krogue

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  11. I really enjoyed reading your post “5 Years Growing our Business”. I liked the breakdown year by year of how to grow your busienss.

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  12. Ken, I was wondering if you could help me or direct me in the right direction? I’ve been looking for general guidelines on predictive dialing configurations. There must be some basic industry standards for outbound calling.
    I wanted to see if our configuration makes sense.
    For example, how many days out should a number be redialed after say… a vociemail, no answer, answered but person not available or person not interested at this time but maybe later.
    I look forward to your thoughts.

    Jim Davis

  13. Sorry Jim,

    I don’t like traditional predictive dialers. I would recommend you look into Predictive 2.0 as a much better solution. Traditional predictive dialers have caused so much damage to the credibility of companies that use them that the FCC had to put laws in use to limit their use.

    Those are my thoughts.


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  17. Ken,

    Thank you for writing such an inspirational article. In this turbulent time with the negative issues surrounding the Boy Scouts filling the airwaves and blogs it is refreshing to see an article about the true impact that the Boy Scouts has on our youth. I have two sons that are both Eagles, one went to the US Merchant Marine Academy and is on a Navy ship as I write this and the other has a very successful sales career. In part I attribute their success to their scouting career and the fact that they had scout masters that taught them to do hard things.

    Last night I sat on an Eagle Board of Review and participated in a very small way to the next generation of youth that are learning the meaning of the scout oath and law. Like you I have moved on into the managerial ranks of Boy Scouts and it is not near as much fun as the old days of camping in the rain after hiking up-hill all day. If you have not already done so I strongly suggest that you sit on an Eagle Board of Review so that you continue to see what a huge difference the Boy Scouts has on our youth.

    Thank you for your service and thank you again for your article.

    Best Regards,

    Gary L. Hoffman

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  19. Hello, There’s no doubt that your website could be having web browser compatibility issues. Whenever I take a look at your site in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues.
    I merely wanted to give you a quick heads up! Apart from that, wonderful site!

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  26. Southwest would be happy to have you any time your travel takes you to the skies! Thanks for giving us a chance! Hope to see you again on a red belly plane!

  27. Hi Ken,
    Someone just forwarded me your article “A few key differences between Southwest and Delta”.
    I am a Captain on a 767 (not Delta)
    I agree with your point that flying can be an enjoyable experience (well it doesn’t have to be painful…)
    Southwest does foster a “fun” attitude in workplace, thank you Herb Kelleher.

    I have heard things from the Southwest cockpit that made me laugh, but would have gotten me fired if I had said them to my passengers…

    As for the headset thing, blame the FAA. It is a stupid rule, that had no basis in science, only a knee-jerk reaction from the FAA. ALL electronic devices must be off for takeoff and landing, because ONCE a plane did something funny, and the FAA blamed it on a CD player affecting the aircraft electronics. (That rule has changed recently BTW, but your noise cancelling headset..?. Nope it is still on the list. Along with your electric shaver.)

    But, do you think putting it around your neck turns it off?

    The flight attendant could have been nicer, but I am sure her reaction was due to the fact that the announcement was made over the PA before they closed the doors (“Ladies and Gentlemen our boarding doors are closing. Please turn off ALL electronic devices…”), and in the video, and yet she STILL had to tell you to turn it off…

  28. I was asked by the Internal Medicine residents to give them advice on preparing their presentations. This is quite a compliment since I’M A SURGEON! The “Presentation on Presentations” included making better slides, backgrounds, font and font sizes, use of graphics, how to get started, building enthusiasm, using a theme, etc. followed by a section on public speaking where I used many of the same tips you did in your article. Here are a few tips you didn’t mention:

    Have a glass or bottle of water. Public speaking makes you dry!

    Try to get the presentation recorded before you present. You’ll see the faults and problems you may want to address.

    I like to use an “interlude” slide in between my topics. This is just something pretty like a beach at a tropical paradise. It tells me I’m done with that part and gives me a chance to ask for questions at that point.

    I like to use humor, but if you don’t usually tell jokes, then don’t try to be funny. Instead, try to be interesting!

    You recommended personal stories which is great! But I plan and rehearse my stories. This way, they seem natural but are actually planned!

    In small groups, I maintain interest by asking questions. In larger groups, I also ask the audience questions; I just can’t get individual answers that way.

    Try not to speak over an audience that is eating if you don’t have to.

    My pet peeve: use of laser pointers. THEY ARE NOT LIGHT SABERS SO DON’T WAVE THEM AROUND! Best bet, just point with your hand and index finger!

    Your enthusiasm is what powers the talk. If you are nervous about public speaking, use that to energize your talk and help you prepare. For one of my 50 minutes lectures, I find it takes me 6-8 hours to do the research and prepare the talk. My “Presentation on Presentations” has easily taken much, much longer!!

    I try to use at least one relevant graphic per slide. But it needs to be good quality (clear), relevant in some way, and audience appropriate. Here at the University, I can’t use some of the more risqué graphics I could easily get away with at a Urology meeting!

    Use of the “sandwich” technique.

    Prepare for disasters because they have happened to all of us including “flashdrive won’t work in this computer (at the VA hospital)”, your talk is changed to only 10 minutes even though you were scheduled for 15 (on the way up to the podium at a major meeting), and similar episodes. I carry some cue cards in my pocket or am prepared to use the handout to give the talk without slides if necessary and I’ve done it.

    Loved your tips on presenting.

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  30. hello ken. i just read your death of seo articles. i used to work for geac canada in the seventies writing bespoke software to tailor their university library systems main package to cater for individual universities whims. this often involved thinking about huge indexes, and i wrote groundbreaking indexes to indexes. then indexes to the indexes of indexes etc etc. bottom line being…i knew indexing fairly well.
    then i write my first website. and no one finds it. so……….crack google, hell its just a big index. and i did. so iknow seo works my own way. but i always saw long term google would have to come back to “real content” not tricks/smoke and mirrors/links/popularilty. but real text/pictures/videos/audio/conversations/interest from others in real live genuine data.
    so i wrote 15 websites full of real data. i have 41 teddy bear adventures, a blog with self written poetry/self help/links to the teddy bears/links to banks of pictures; i have written apps on blackberry and google play linking to these real live pictures/self helps/poems/teddy bear adventures. i have twitter and facebook real live data too. and it all is a total whole just like your circle of content feeding inwards. this has evolved over ten years. i can still write any page i like and get it top of googlevia seo methods of my own, but i was interested to read your articles as from my own experience this is where its all headed. no matter what google does now im nailed in. i have seo. i have original text/self help/pictures/videos/audio/dvds/adventures/blog/twitter/facebook all written by myself, all original, all fairly well followed.
    i figured you might find this a vindication to your ideas. it certainly is true that my own pages are becoming more and more strong.
    for example, it fluctuates a little, but “brackets direct” usually tops google for the retailer website
    “jaguar mot birmingham” for services
    “jaguar bodywork birmingham” for searchoptimization
    “explanar worcestershire” for stiffsteiffs
    “membership vacancies birmingham” stiffsteiffs
    etc etc
    ive got about 500 odd pages and around 300 are first page google usually top 3.
    and no matter what google does about seo i reckon they will stop there now, BECAUSE CONTENT GOVERNS THESE PAGES, THEIR INTEREST AND WHY PEOPLE LINK TO THEM. im clever at manipulating indicees, but its the content and the spread and the all parts make up a real whole that governs longevity of google prominence.
    you stirred them all up cos they dont like change, but the world always changes/morphs/moves on, and you have to carve your own path in a way, rather than try to pander to the whims of a capricious google. long term google has to LOVE REAL TEXT, REAL CONTENT, REAL INTEREST IN REAL TEXT, AND PROMOTE GENUINE HEARTFELT CONSCIENCE DRIVEN PEOPLE STRIVING TO PUT REAL THINGS ION FRONT OF REAL PEOPLE FOR REAL VALUES IN A REAL WORLD. instead of sneaky back doors and slimy links to dubious methodologies promoting self interest and self indulgence which advances humanity not a jot, but merely seeks to line the pockets of the devious at the expense of abusing what could be a great source of knowledge and information for all, the global internet.
    within my existing fabric of websites/links/blog/twitter/facebook/apps etc i simply now just add real text real pictures real audio real video on things i know will genuinely either interest or hep others. i could make a mint out of just being top of google with crafty seo, but i choose to use my skills to help others. i was an alcoholic/chain smoker/weight probs after being a sportsman/prescription drugs/polio/diptheria/heart attack etc etc so i use my experiences to help others cope. and use seo/apps/blog to get it out there to them, and the teddy bear adventures to make them laugh too.
    i hope in a way this helps you man, you seemed to be a little taken aback at the storm of protest you got. its just scared people knowing deep down you cant cheat the system forever, real life will catch up with you. you just told them its coming quicker than they ever reckoned, and they know when it does they are really wearing no clothes at all, when they viewed themselves empirical ;-)) googd luck and happy new year malc pugh

  31. Paul,

    I am grateful for your comments. The little light on my headset background noise suppression was on, but not the music from my iphone. :)

    It looks like everyone else finally prevailed on the FAA to change that stupid rule, but Southwest hasn’t been approved as quickly as other airlines to take advantage of it. Mmmmm.


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  43. Ken,

    I am doing some research on time management for my MBA and knew all I needed to do was type in Franklin Covey Time Management and use something as a source though I could write this in my sleep. Lo and behold, I fall upon your article.

    You hired me to work in Inside Sales back in 1996 to cover NYC. I stayed there till 9/11 only to return a few years later working the same territory. Now having been in healthcare the last 8 years, I still remember the things I taught and sold and remember even our interview in great detail.

    I hope you are doing well sir!
    Adrion Meyer

  44. Adrion,

    I’m doing very well, thanks! I miss those days back at Franklin. Magic times. You often think only one of those comes along in a lifetime. I’m happy to report lightning has struck twice, and believe it or not, it is much bigger the second time. I’ve been very blessed. I’m trying to keep up.

    Let’s keep in touch.


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