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Ken Krogue in the Sales Room - by Cory Maloy

Ken Krogue in the Sales Room – by Cory Maloy

Ken Krogue is the co-founder of, which was the first company to combine hosted CRM with built-in phone dialer software and the pioneer of Lead Response Management (LRM) and Sales Acceleration technology.

This blog is Ken’s outlet to post ideas, cool companies that serve the Inside Sales industry, best practices, new research, tips, random musings, motivational poetry and interesting thoughts. Ken has several other blogs, one is a 20 year project of Ken’s about philosophy and learning to think based on the collection of writings of Ken’s mentor called

Ken recently began writing the story of from his perspective and the incredible ride it’s been over the last 10 years.

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Ken speaks at 20+ events each year including The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), LeadsCon, Utah Big Business Expo, Utah Valley Entrepreneurs Forum (UVEF), B2B Leads Roundtable, Seminars at Dreamforce, Sales 2.0, Provo Tech-X, Omniture Summit, and the Salt Lake Chamber Business to Business Expo.

Ken married his favorite redhead, Crystal Cornwall, from Inkom, Idaho. They met as they served as missionaries for their church in South Carolina in 1986, and married in 1987. They have five children and live in Alpine, Utah. Ken loves to read lots of books, drive one of his several compressed natural gas (CNG) cars, talk about losing weight, work with the Boy Scouts of America, coach little league football, watch BYU (Jimmer) and Navy sports, and keep in touch with friends.

Ken Krogue was recently recognized as #2 of the Top 30 Social Sales Influencers globally by

Ken Krogue was recently recognized as #2 of the Top 30 Social Sales Influencers globally by behind Koka Sexton of LinkedIn

Ken is a strategic thinker, sales and marketing tactician and is recognized for combining permission marketing strategies with remote selling tactics. Ken is the inventor of technological systems to increase productivity in web-based sales and marketing environment with several patents pending and is currently breaking new ground with work on lead response management research in conjunction with his good friend and business partner Dave Elkington and Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT.

Ken has been recently recognized as #2 in the world for social selling and is one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Inside Sales Industry by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP.) Ken was also President and the AA-ISP Salt Lake City Chapter.

Ken having just finished the St. George Marathon in 2006

Ken having just finished the St. George Marathon

Most recently an article by Inc. Magazine highlights the research done by the team called “How to Best Harness Inbound Marketing Leads.”

Additional research done by the team at and Harvard Business Review was done in March 2011. The research is summarized in an article called, “The Short Life of Online Sales Leads

My collection of favorite quotes on character


Lead response management, marketing strategy, 2-3 year visionary, strategic thinker that can execute tactically, inside sales deployment and consulting, lead generation, lead nurturing, web-based demand generation.

Ken loves motivational poems and sayings and writes his own poetry.

Top 30 Articles on (with total views) and a Summary of Ken’s Forbes Articles

  1. What is Inside Sales? Our Definition of Inside Sales | Ken Krogue – 56,369 Views
  2. Inside Sales Best Practices – 9,281 Views
  3. Inside Sales Tips by Ken Krogue – 5,488 Views
  4. My Final Comment on my “Death of SEO” column on Forbes – 6,411 Views
  5. 31 Linkedin tips – How-to-use-Linkedin-Best-Practices for B2B Prospecting – 5,680 Views
  6. Prediction – SEO will be Dead in 2 Years – 3,976 Views
  7. KPI – Key Performance Indicators – 2,285 Views
  8. Inside Sales versus Outside Sales – 2,226 Views
  9. Is Leaving a Voicemail Worthwhile? – 2,100 Views
  10. Inside Sales Tips – How LinkedIn Gives you 3 Free SEO Backlinks - 3,057 Views
  11. About Ken Krogue – 1,943 Views
  12. Inside Sales is Top Method of Lead Generation – 1,074 Views
  13. Inside Sales Training – 1,888 Views
  14. Good to Great by Jim Collins – Ken’s Notes Summary – 1,526
  15. Inside Sales Tips – Skip to the Beep – 1,392 Views
  16. Inside Sales Best Practices: 7 Ways to Increase Contact Ratios – 1,360
  17. Climb the Trust Ladder to Increase Results in Prospecting – W/ VIDEO! – 1,339 Views
  18. Harvard Business Review says Sales is No Longer About Relationships – 1,148 Views
  19. Inside Sales Tips – No Vacations Last Week of the Month – 1,140 Views
  20. Lead Generation Strategies: When to Call, When Not to Call? – 1,049 Views
  21. Inside Sales Tips – Specialize – 998 Views
  22. Inside Sales Tips – Interest is The Counterfeit of Need – 898 Views
  23. Behind the Cloud – Ken’s Notes – 877 Views
  24. 6 Reasons Salesforce Users Need Hosted Dialer Technology - 856 Views
  25. Demand Generation Tactics and Strategy – 689 Views
  26. Power Dialers – 665 Views
  27. Inside Sales Best Practices: Gathering Direct Dial Phone Numbers – 601
  28. What is Lead Response Management – 573 Views
  29. Ken’s Rules: The Business Card Rule – 430 Views
  30. Josh James Shares 36 Startup Rules – 399 Views

A Complete Summary of Ken Krogue’s Forbes Articles, Including his newly updated “Definition of Inside Sales” and his #1 on all of Forbes (and his most controversial) article “The Death of SEO

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Summary of Ken Krogue’s Forbes articles

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